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Minimum inner diameter is 17.3mm and will fit up to 20mm. These specs are very common in steel 7/8” handlebars.

If you have aluminum handlebars with a 14-16mm inner diameter, see our other universal type bar end in the main menu.

HVMP Universal bar ends are designed in a way that they will fit just about any motorcycle that has hollow steel handlebars with a standard 7/8” outer diameter. The Extra Heavy Universal Bar Ends are great for motorcycles with a more “standard” type 7/8” steel handlebar. These weigh a whopping 17.9 ounces.

For steel handlebars with at least .680" Inner Diameter.

The Heavy Universal Bar Ends will fit most motorcycles that the Extra Heavy’s will fit, but we feel that the slightly smaller size will compliment the sleeker design of more “sporting” bikes such as Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki SV, and Suzuki Bandit with shorter standard handlebars or clip-on type handlebars. These are still plenty heavy at 14.2 ounces

Now available in black for an additional $15.

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    7/8 Universal Heavy Bar Ends
    Heavy bar ends weigh 14.2 ounces each.

    Available in stainless and black.
    7/8 Universal X-Heavy Bar Ends
    Heavy bar ends weigh 17.9 ounces each.

    Available in stainless and black.